Annual Hodag Muskie Challenge
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Every year the docks of Larson's North
Haven Resort are an official weigh-in
station for contestants to bring their fish
Teams fish Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and
on Sunday from 7:00 am to noon; competing for
thousands of dollars in prize money.  The top
ten finishers received various payouts.
Proving Rhinelander is a great area to
fish, as many as sixty-nine Muskies have
been caught in a single tournament!
To make a reservation for next year's
Muskie Challenge, or to get more
information about fishing the Moen
Chain, contact Jeff and Wendy at
Larson's North Haven.
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Each September, hundreds of two person teams fish for Muskies in Rhinelander
on the Lakes of Cresent, Oneida, Pelican, Thompson, and Boom in addition to
the Wisconsin River and cluster of lakes that make up George, Julia, Hancock,
and of course the Moen Chain on which Larson's North Haven is located.